Pump for 55 gallon Drum

Pump for 55 gallon Drum
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Siphon liquids from higher to lower effortlessly. Simply pump the bellows a few times to prime the pump. Then open the screw top to stop liquid flow. An internal flapper valve prevents reverse flow. Siphon pumps fit 15, 30, and 55 gallon drums with 2” IPS openings. Petroleum products, light oils, kerosene, diesel oils, toluene, deodorants, corrosives, chemical Insecticides, soaps, detergents, mild acids, anti-freeze, liquid waxes, water, Etc. Non corrosive, non toxic plastic material construction, light-weight Depth adjustable with 30mm long adapter for standard 2? IPS opening drum bung Specifications Total Length : 1,140 mm Suction tube Length : 855 mm Suction tube Inner Dia. : 18 mm Discharge Tube Length : About 1,180 mm Discharge Tube Inner Dia. : 20 mm Head Out Dia. : 71 mm Delivery Volume : About 17.5 liter / Min. Main Material : P.E, P.P